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The following areas within the Halic region were selected for the planned five-day workshops:

  1. In its multi-functionality, the Galata bridge constitutes a highly significant urban structure. Divided into two levels, it is not only used by cars, trams and pedestrians, but it also houses local eateries and serves as a jetty for fishermen.
  2. The area encircled by the new Friday Mosque, the spice bazaar, the water front and the harbour with its organised and unorganised zones. The entire area is criss-crossed by busy roads and connected by underpasses.

By focussing on the above two areas, it is the aim of the workshops to sensitize participants to the diverse aspects of the quality of urban life and urban space, and to develop possible future approaches to these questions. The following specific steps are planned to achieve these aims:


Using a variety of information materials, participants individually examine the planning area. For this purpose, short videos of the project area and other materials can be accessed on the project website.


During inspections in groups of up to five participants the area is subjectively assessed in terms of its specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible dangers and potentials. These analyses are to be presented to the other participants in ad hoc presentations, lasting no more than 10 minutes, using texts, sketches, collages, models and photos (no AutoCAD, no Photoshop).


Following the presentation of these analyses, aspects of urban culture and its foreseeable development will be distilled in joint discussions. Finally, groups or individuals are to develop pitches and proposals for possible scenarios, strategies and future approaches and to demonstrate these in concluding presentations (during which the use of AutoCAD and Photoshop will be allowed).